New intro and controllers

Hello all, well this is going to be a really short one.

First, the “intro” part is almost finished. This intro consists on 2 short levels that play before the current start, and you get some more info about the entire premise. If you have played Enola, then you are familiar with the huge walls of text found in some parts of the game. Well, that’s something I don’t want to do again, so I am trying to give as much info as possible, with as little dialogs as possible.


Many parts here are still a placeholder and need more detail, but we’ll be adding those later.

On top of that… if you’ve played the game already, you know I am staying away from tutorials, so no “use these to move and this to jump…. now run and jump, and then…” for this game. The second short level (also plays before the current start) will teach a couple of transversal moves. Also in that level something interesting happens.

And last but not least, I just got these a couple of days:


So for the next update the game will include controller support. My first goal is to get it to work with the standard XInput controller (like the one on the right), and then I will try the Steam Controller.

BTW the goal is to release this next update next week.

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