[UPDATE] TNFB Release 2 is now available

Hi all. Today is not Friday but a new update is available so I who cares. TNFB early access release 2 is now available and will download automatically as soon as you open your client (you can always manually download it if you don't use the client).

What's new in this update:

  • A new intro that provides some context to the story and the game world.
  • The intro level also has a locker thingy that will be used to switch outfits (there will be unlockable outfits in the game).
  • Now in the "chase sequence" you get a very cool and interesting animation when the creature grabs you.
  • Fixed audio levels, so you no longer run the risk of going deaf due to some audios being too loud.
  • Controller support for the DualShock 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One and standard XInput controllers.
  • Besides making the game control easier, controller support includes vibration, making some parts of the game very interesting.
  • Changes to Sanja's skirt cloth simulation.
  • Added a "gamepad help" screen as well, since controls cannot be remapped yet.

I try not to break any save files, but I can't promise anything. On a
side note, some additions might not be available if you reload an old
save file.

As always, report any issues in the forum, please.


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Version 8 Oct 05, 2017

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