Bug fixes, and somewhat short on updates..

Hi again,

Half of this is more related to the PS4 version, not the PC version. However, it indirectly helps the PC version since the PS4 is a very “picky” machine, and it forces you to take greater care when working on stuff.

There was an article by Sam Sant posted a few weeks ago on Pass The Controller, and (valid) criticism aside, something he mentions is, and I quote: “The Nightmare from Beyond was painless to get up and running and already boasts a smooth frame rate, which is more than can be said for some finished products on Steam.”

Well, there are two reasons for this: first, I constantly go back and forth between the PC and PS4 version of the game, making sure it runs smoothly on both platforms (specially on the PS4, since, being honest, it’s not as powerful as a modern computer), and second, I have a 4K setup with a GTX 970 and I usually don’t tag a level as “finished” until I get non-dropping 60 fps in at least high quality. Making the constant switch between platforms also helps me spot bugs that don’t happen in other platform. For example two days ago I found a bug where Sanja was not grabbing edges, and that only happened on PS4, so I had to find out why that was happening and then I made the same changes for the PC version, to make sure there’s no risk of that happening to any PC user.

So, while multiplatform development is more difficult, at least it has its advantages when it comes to QA.

Anyway, back to the thing about the PS4, I was testing the game on it and I found a lot of issues not present in previous versions. Long story short, I got a little bit too “personal” with the whole thing and ended up getting a terrible stress attack that left me out of commission for two days.

So that’s why there aren’t many updates I can report.

There’s another article about The Nightmare from Beyond on Rely on Horror, and it gave me a hint that I need to make some things a little clearer, and also add more context to the entire game. I already solved the issue about the subtitles, so now whenever someone speaks, the subtitles will also display the name of who’s talking (that will be a permanent change even after adding voice acting).

Another thing I am doing right now is changing a little of the “game flow” so there’s a section that adds more context and information to the entire game. It still be just a little bit, since I don’t want to have “Miss Exposition” yapping all the time, and I want the story to unveil as you progress, not reveal everything in the first 10 minutes.

I am planning a small update to be released on time for the Halloween Sale. More on that when the update is ready. If you want to get exclusive news, please, join the mailing list. Also, if you haven’t, please buy The Nightmare from Beyond on Steam or Itch.io (or feel free to wait for the Halloween Sale, of course).

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