Early Access Release 5 is out

Hello all!

Well, the EAR5 is out, and while it doesn’t offer a big change in content, it has a few new things:

– The most obvious change is the alternate holiday costume. During this season you get to play in a “Santa-like” outfit, and there are a couple of things that change as well. My original plan was to have more Xmas-like stuff in the game, but I couldn’t finish them on time. a3029e01835299a43791810556730f8d9c781332 – I changed the overall coloring of the world. If you’ve played this from the beginning, you know previous versions of the game had a more gray/desaturated green look. I opted for a more colorful look, because I didn’t really like the gray, but I was having problems deciding what look the game should have. As a matter of fact, this has been a problem for over a year, and during that year my former team and I spent a lot of time trying out different things, and now finally it has a color palette I like.

– There are a few bug fixes, including jumps that couldn’t really be done, weird camera behaviors and other things.

– Control remapping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

– Some changes to some levels including the “house” level. Good bye sleeping in her panties, now Sanja wears pijamas. On a side note, those pijamas are inspired by some blue-white clothing made in my country.


As always, if you like what you see, please buy the game, and join the mailing list to get updates and special promotions.


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