Happy new year, and sorry for the slow updates

Hello all!

First of all, sorry for the slow updates. I spent the last part of 2017 upgrading to a newer version of the engine, making sure everything everything worked correctly, and fixing what didn't. Then I spent the first part of this month working on an entry for the "Neon Challenge":


On top of that, I am working on a smaller point-and-click game in parallel to The Nightmare from Beyond. Actually I've been working on this point-and-click game since May/June 2017, and it's nearly finished. I've been doing this because I currently have monetary issues that don't allow me to work on The Nightmare from Beyond full time, so I am constantly looking for alternate sources of income while I keep making it.

So, while my monetary issues are solved, my time will have to be divided between developing The Nightmare from Beyond and making smaller/simpler games.

On top of that, I am planning the different things that should help me promote "The Nightmare" better, since it's not selling well (understandably, since I was forced to release it earlier than I would have liked).

I am aiming for next update to be released on either late February or early March.

In the meantime, there are some 4K wallpapers I wanted to share with you. On a side note, an earlier version of this suit (the Elthar Suit) is already in the game.






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Version 14 Dec 26, 2017

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