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Hi, I'm @magnolia_fan from The Domaginarium...

Well, this is my entry for the LD39. It was a busy weekend, besides I was split between this and a project, so this game kinda sucks but I hope at least the idea is understandable, lol.

So, Running out of Power... here it goes.
The idea is that you're a (capsule-shaped, heh) astronaut on board of a damaged ship that's running out of power. The ship is automatically navigating to reach the closest station, while sending a distress call. Rescue is on the way, but there's not enough energy to sustain the ship before they arrive. So you need to make a choice and see if you can maximize the power by turning off systems, and even the cryo pods of your mates.

Originally I wanted to have more consequences, like what would happen if you turn off the engines, or how hard would be for the rescue team to find you if you turn off comms, but the only one I added was a consequence when you turn off the oxygen.

Either way, the theme is really cool and I'm wondering if it would be worth to make a longer, more refined game out of this.

Tools used: PlayMker and Adventure Creator, because I am not a coder but I still make games, nonetheless :)


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