A couple of fixes and trying something.

Hello all, just a quick update.

There were a couple of animation transitions for the woman in the beginning that looked weird, so we tried a few things. They look better now (although they still need some work).

Also, there was a problem with the woman you talk to in the second level (the one that asks you about your ship) that caused the camera and cursor to lock when she asks if you can tell her about the ship.  That one is also fixed.

We also tried something with the music in the chase sequence. The change is barely noticeable, but the idea is to have a more "dynamic" music as you play, similar to "mixing" music tracks when something specific happens. As I said, the change is not really noticeable in the demo, but will be noticeable in the full game (a couple of levels are already using that).

BTW the Steam page is up, so you can go check it out, favorite and wishlist if you want :)



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67 days ago

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